Predictive Dialer

Before we plan to buy a hosted dialer software, it is important to understand what hosted dialer is. A hosted dialer technology uses an Advanced Adaptive Algorithm, Voice over Internet Protocol and cloud technology to run a predictive dialer or auto dialer program over the internet. This really means that you don’t need to purchase a hardware or software in order to run a call center campaign. All you need to do is to just log onto the website and provider’s servers will protect and hold onto your data such as leads and campaigns.

There are various benefits of using a predictive or hosted dialer systems. They are numerous and include:

Fast Connections: Those days are long gone when you need to take out a number manually and dial it. With the help of predictive dialer, this process becomes faster and generating leads become easier. The system uses predictive dialing and auto dialing software to increase the number of people one can contact. With the help of predictive dialer, you can make as many as 4 calls simultaneously per agent. And with the help of predictive dialer you can broadcast as many as 5,000 voice messages per minute.

Quality connections: Through the help of this software, call center agents will focus most of their time talking directly to their clients and hence their idle time becomes quite less and leads can be generated significantly. With the help of VoIP agents will no longer be worried about the number of connections they have made in each day or per hour and they will be able to focus more on improving the interaction quality and implement the latest strategies to boast performance of a company.

Metric-based evaluations: Some of the VoIP providers also provide you features like real-time reports through web-based interface. Through the help of this, you can see in real time exactly what is proving to be successful in your campaigns and what needs improvement.

Campaign management: With the web-based interface, it becomes easier to manage leads and campaigns from an interface that includes the ability to create custom dispositions and much more.

Non-profit campaigns: The auto-dialer system provides this opportunity at the exceptionally good rates. Raising funds for non-profit campaigns and also building advocacy for any of the political candidate is one of the way that this system can be used. Through the help of this system, you can build awareness and raise funds for your charity or organization.  A voice broadcast campaign can be created for cities, towns, and municipalities to broadcast warnings about any potential storms or disasters headed your way and protect your residents.

Auto-dialer or predictive dialer can be a real asset for all the organizations which have communications needs. Specifically, call centers which are totally dependent upon the calling system. It can greatly decrease the costs and eventually making a company profitable. Hence, more and more companies and organizations are shifting towards this technology which has the potential to make a company more productive and reduce operational expenses.